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Mother Meera School in India

Mother Meera Ashram Vidyalaya: A call for Volunteers

Mother Meera has recently opened the Mother Meera Ashram Vidyalaya  (school in Sanskrit), adjacent to her ashram. It was inaugurated as an International English-Medium school on June 7th 2010, in her presence and in the presence of many other prominent leaders of the community.

At the beginning of its second year, in June 2011, it counts some 250 pupils, approximately 110 at kindergarten level and 140 at primary level.

The school is looking for volunteers who have a natural affinity for and ability with children.Western volunteers are welcome, even if you are not a teacher.

In the longer term, the intention is that the school will make a gradual transition to a child-centered model of learning. People with a Montessori or similar training are particularly in demand.

Western volunteers will come on a voluntary basis. You will work with:

  1. At kindergarten level, with children aged from 3 to about 4/5 (Baby Class and Lower Kindergarten), as helpers to take care of small children.
  2. At primary level, with children aged from 5/6 to 11/12 (classes 1st to 6th)  as an English speaking accompanying adult.

Experience of teaching would be helpful but is not essential. Most important is your own willingness and ability to dedicate yourself and your time.

Visas and length of stay

At the present time, the most convenient visa we can apply for as volunteers is the 6-month Touristvisa which represent approximately two consecutive quarters of our school year.

The school would like commitments for a minimum of a one-month period of time.


A Unique & Exciting Opportunity for Volunteers

If you are looking for deeper meaning and purpose in your life and want to offer your time and services, this could be the opportunity you have been seeking. Please go to the letter: “To all would-be volunteers”.

Non-volunteers Indian teachers

The school is also looking for Indian teachers grades 1st to 7th from Kerala and Tamil Nadu, who can teach their respective subjects in either English or Telugu. Indian teachers will receive full payment.

Additionally there is need for:

  1. Medical doctors to serve in the nearby community
  2. Architects
  3. Gardeners

Update August 2011

If you are interested, please contact:
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it