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About Mother Meera


An Avatar is an Incarnation of the Divine and comes to Earth whenever there is need to uplift and protect humanity. One of the most widely revered and loved of these Avatars is Mother Meera, a Indian woman, born on December 26th, 1960, in the village of Chandepalle in Southern India. She soon showed Herself to be an unusual child.

Her parents treated Her as exceptional and loved Her very much. The family was not especially religious and She was not brought up in any tradition. Her real parents were the spiritual guides that She met in vision, lit was from them that She received the love and help She needed. Under the auspices of Her uncle, Mr. Reddy, She lived for some time in Pondicherry where Her extraordinary Presence attracted considerable attention.

She is now worshipped as a Divine Mother all over India. In 1982 Mother Meera married a German who stays with Her in Thalheim, a quiet German village. Although She has not sought publicity thousands of people from both tlle East and the West recognize Mother Meera as Divine Mother and come to Her to receive Her Darshan, Her silent bestowal of Grace and Light through Her gaze and touch. No teachings, no rituals, no chanting, only Silent Blessings. Without spoken language Her inner Influence changes the hearts and minds of people. Simply being in Her presence gives the feeling of being in the Presence of the Supreme. Her gaze penetrates the soul, heart and mind. Silence expresses Her Beauty and majestic Power, Her Love and Purity.


Balgur Venkat Reddy, uncle of Mother Meera, was born in Hyderabad on December 7, 1925. Mr. Reddy was what we refer to as a Mahatma (great soul). Nevertheless, he didn’t manifest any interest for metaphysics or theology and had no religious habits. He did not wonder about God particularly. Three times he thought of suicide: life had no interest anymore.

At the age of 28, a friend forced him to meet Mother Anadhoota Chinnamma. His first contact with her was a revelation, a light shining on all things. Mr. Reddy became a disciple of Chinnamma and stayed with her from 1952 to 1956.

During the year of 1956, he encountered a teacher from Pondichery who invited him to meet another master, Sweet Mother, at Sri Aurobindo’s ashram. While he was battling whether he would be betraying his master, Chinnamma left her body and Mr. Reddy was accepted by Sweet Mother. The Reddy family therefore moved to Pondichery. Mr. Reddy stayed at the ashram until Sweet Mother left her body in 1973. He saw her every day.

In 1972, during a visit to his own house, he meets a young village girl. The little girl who would later be known as Mother Meera is then only eleven years old. But Mr. Reddy feels Her divine nature. He is struck by a vision: Sweet Mother’s Conscience entering the body of Mother Meera, then unknown to all.

The rest of Mr. Reddy’s life merges with Mother Meera’s life.

«There is nothing else I want from this life or any other than to be with Her and do Her work and be of what use to Her I can.» (Adilakshmi Olatti, The Mother, page 3)

Mr. Reddy left his body on June 20, 1985.


Adilakshmi Olatti was born on July 13, 1943, in Madanapali, near Bangalore, in South India. After the obtention of her Master’s degree in Arts in 1969, she visited the Pondichery ashram, without prior preparation or preconceived ideas, without any knowledge of Sri Aurobindo or Sweet Mother; who had been running the ashram since Sri Aurobindo’s passing in 1950. She saw, in a vision so clear it seemed real, Sri Aurobindo welcoming her and giving her darshan. Each day that followed, she meditated at his resting place (“the Samadhi”). Often, Sri Aurobindo would appear to her and have her read a passage of the Savitri, which led her to understanding the deeper meaning of past experiences.

Sweet Mother accepted Adilakshmi and her sister as ashramites and as teachers at the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education. As early as 1972, Mr. B.V. Reddy was writing to Adilakshmi, relating to her his experiences as well as Mother Meera’s.

In 1973, after Sweet Mother’s passing, Adilakshmi lost her joy of living. In 1974, still feeling “empty”, she met Mother Meera during her visit to the Ashram.

From the moment she received darshan, she saw light again. The Divine Mother’s presence imposed itself.

She decided to follow Mother Meera rather than staying at the Ashram, as she had originally thought to do.

«And her life has since merged with Mother Meera’s visible life.» ( Claude-Gérard Sarrazin, Mère Meera ou le Cetanâ-Yoga , Éditions de Mortagne, pages: 237-238)