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Livestream meditations and blessings


Mother Meera Society invites you to take part in a wonderful opportunitie to experience Mother’s presence: Livestream meditations and blessings. 


Every Friday when Mother is in Germany, during the usual Darshan time, she sits in meditation for 30 – 35 minutes. The meditation can be viewed at no charge, on your personal computer, phone or tablet via Livestream. 

In addition, every Sunday that Mother Meera is in Germany, her collective blessing at the end of Darshan is livestreamed. After the last person has received their personal Darshan, Mother sits in silence, with closed eyes, for 3 – 4 minutes. The starting time of the blessing depends on the number of people receiving Darshan and is therefore not fixed. The evening Darshan at Schaumburg always starts at 7pm CET (German time) and may end around 8 or 8:15 pm. Check Mother’s calendar to see when she is giving Darshan at Schaumburg. 


How to find the Livestream:

  • go to the Livestream webpage.
  • the above link should bring you to the Mother Meera page on Livestream, if you don’t see it, search for “Mother Meera”
  • (optional) create a free Livestream account with your own user name and login
  • if you “follow” Mother Meera you will receive an email reminder a day before the events and another email when the livestream starts. You can also sign up for text alerts.

For more information, see livestream-of-mothers-darshan or the Meditation page. You may also view video recordings of Mother's past meditations and blessings on the Livestream site.