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About Darshans

Darshan is the bestowal of Love, Light and Grace. Mother gives Darshan in silence. It is Her gift to humanity.To attend darshan is free.

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Come dressed normally and with washed hair, clean socks or soft slippers. Don’t forget to switch you cell phones and watch alarms off before entering the premises. No pictures are allowed. Mother Meera would like people to know that after receiving Darshan it is good to sit down and be still and meditate, and not leave the hall right away. She said it is better to stay for the whole Darshan session, about 2 hours.

What does the Darshan consist of?

Darshan takes place in silence in a hall where Mother Meera will receive a great number of people. Everyone appears in turn and kneels down in front of Mother Meera. Mother then takes your head in Her hands. When Mother Meera withdraws her hands, you look at her straight in the eyes until she lowers her eyes. You then stand up and go back to your place; another person will appear and so on until everyone has received his darshan. Volunteers will take special care of people with a handicap. If you are not able to kneel, you will sit on a chair in front of Mother. People in wheelchair can also come.

(a) To attend a Darshan is always FREE.
(b) Come early. Doors open 1 hour before Darshan and close 15 minutes before the event.
(c) Stay quiet after the Darshan.
(d) It's better to stay until the end of Darshan (2 hours or more). Those who cannot kneel for a while , please inform volunteers.

Mother said about Darshan:

Q: What is the best attitude towards Darshan?
MM: People can come for Darshan with an open mind and freely. But they should not impose any conditions on the Mother. For example, people ask if she is married or ill or has children. We must be free from all such mental constructions.

Q: What should my attitude be towards the energy I receive from you?
MM: The energy or the Light which you receive in Darshan acts in its own way. It works in its own way. There is nothing for you to do. There are no specific laws or rules or regulations to follow. But you can pray and do japa and ask for the right attitude. The right attitude opens the mind and heart so true understanding and true feelings grow.

Q: Is there any such thing as a bad or good darshan?
MM: There is no such thing as a bad darshan. Darshan is completely impersonal from my side; I give what is needed. Reactions depend upon the people who take, not the Mother who gives. Try not to impose on me your difficulties and to project on me your own hidden problems. Have the courage to face your own weaknesses and know that I am giving you help continually.

Q: In what way can I be most open during darshan?
MM: With silent mind and good concentration pray to the Divine to open you. If you can do this, you will feel the consequences of what I am giving to you. You won't receive more but you will feel it more.

Q: When it is my turn for pranam and darshan I have palpitations and erratic emotions. What can I do?
MM: Offer it all to the Divine. Be patient - these emotions will go.

Q: How can we prepare ourselves to receive darshan?
MM: There is nothing special to do. In darshan one tries to sit silently with no thoughts. To do this one needs to be peaceful.

Q: You speak of sitting silently in darshan, with no thoughts. But I often pray. Is this all right?
MM: Silence means to sit physically quiet and to pray to God for the Divine and to do japa. Silence is a calm mind. It is better to sit silently than to leave immediately after darshan.

Q: Is there something special that we should try to do after darshan? Is there a way to prolong the blessing received during darshan?
MM: Be quiet. It is better not to rush out into another activity.

Q: How can I thank you for what you are giving me?
MM: You are receiving. That is thanks. That is a great thing.