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Children's Program

The Children’s program starts at 4pm. Check-in is half an hour earlier. Please bring any necessary snacks for your child as well as a pair of slippers. The children’s meditation is only for children 12 and younger, not for parents. If you cannot leave your child alone, they cannot participate.

Following the program, children and their parents will go together for Darshan. So please be sure you have registered yourself and your child for the 5:30pm Darshan on April 5th. Here is the link: MotherMeeraDarshanCanada.com. If for any reason the evening Darshan is already booked up, don’t hesitate to email us at mmchildrensmeditation@gmail.com. Sometimes we can facilitate extra places.

Please watch your email for more details. We will be sending out a questionnaire and providing more information in the next few weeks. If, for any reason, you do not receive our emails about the program, please check our website www.mothermeeraretreatcenter.com. The questionnaire and information will be posted there.